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Sat 9th – Sun 10th April 2016

From 10:00am until late

EventCity – Manchester, England

Phoenix Way, Manchester, M17 8AS

Nothing grows without renewal and the Cadence Stage is here once again to shine the spotlight on some fresh musicians. See up-and-coming acts and take a chance on something you haven’t heard before. You might just find some music that you’ll simply… love!

Want to be on the Cadence Stage? Applications are open and more information about applying can be found here.

What is BUCK?

BUCK 2016 is a 2 day all-ages convention first held as a UK event for My Little Pony fans, but now broadening to include all sorts of fun stuff! With our awesome Summer Sun Celebration music concert, special guests from the show staff, lots of vendors, activities, crafts,  games and loads more events; our aim is to drive creativity, community and fun!

Community Driven Convention

BUCK has always been an event by the community, for the community. The vast majority of the sessions that you’ll see, take part in and enjoy at the convention are put on by those of the MLP fandom, and wider sci-fi, geek and comic communities who have been inspired to be creative in some way and who want to share their skills and talents with you. BUCK is made through your involvement and buy-in. Without you guys, we don’t have a convention.

In 2014 BUCK introduced the Cadence Stage, for up-and-coming musicians to showcase their talents to a wider audience, and this year sees its return; but we’re going one step further this time. Our new timetable comes with a slew of Do It Yourself Workshop slots, of around 40 minutes each, that we’d like to open up for you to have a go.

You might have an idea for a talk-show style panel, a presentation or demonstration, or a hands-on workshop. You might have a game you want to play, or a group collaborative project that you want to do. We’re after people to think outside the box with interesting skills, talents, creative concepts, and most of all, fun things to do. The only type of event we prohibit is a Questions and Answers (Q&A) session. If you have a skill, talent, hobby or interest that you think would make for an interesting workshop, then get in touch with us by clicking on our Volunteer button in the top menu, and following the instructions to submit an idea.

Meet our Guests:

We have a wide range of entertaining people for you to meet, including show staff, well-known community musicians, other creative personalities and more!

Nicole Martel
Nicole MartelDesigner & Layout Artist
Nicole is a Layout Artist for “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and previously “Transformers: Rescue Bots” and “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Friendship Games”. She was also a Designer for the movies “Barbie in Princess Power” and “Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals”. She has been a freelance artist for most of her career doing pet portraiture, convention character badges and general character art.
Peter New
Peter NewActor, Voice Actor & Writer
Peter is an actor, voice actor, writer and large pink bag of water. He is well known for playing ‘Big Macintosh’ in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but also has nearly 90 other professional credits including Scooby Doo, Gundam00, Warhammer 40k, and Fantastic Four.

Peter began acting with a sketch comedy troupe called The Legend of Bonefish. He has broad interests: from astronomy to photography; architecture to the environment.

Silva Hound
Silva HoundCommunity Musician (DJ)
Silva Hound has been a staple of the brony music fandom for years, known for his early French house work, his later modern EDM hits, and classic widely-known pony remixes. His album, Bass Rocket EP, continues to be a timeless golden standard in the brony community, and his final album, ‘This Equestrian Moment‘, will be released Summer 2016.
Prince Whateverer
Prince WhatevererCommunity Musician (Band)
Prince Whateverer is a brony musician from the UK who specialises in rock and metal. He has consistently rated in the top songs of the fandom for his covers of other popular fanon tracks, show remixes, and collaborations (such as the massive artist pile-up on Breaking Bonds).
CAVICommunity Musician (DJ)
Returning from last year’s Lunar Eclipse concert is CAVI, a festival-tier DJ bringing back nineties and contemporary EDM – a must hear for any electro enthusiast with classic big room and progressive house.
Re:MakeCommunity Musicians (Band)
The band was originally made up of two British gents, Jimmy and Edd but has since expanded to a full band with the inclusion of lead guitarist Ed and drummer Jamie (as seen at 2014’s BUCK.) They’ve recently remade themselves anew with a new name: Re:Make. As you would expect, they make great acoustic rock and rock songs, but have also in the past made some chiptunes (“Pinkie Pie Party [Sugar Rush]”), other electronic music (“Colgate’s Quest”), and some orchestral backing to their instrumentals.
DJ Usagi Drop
DJ Usagi DropCommunity Musician (DJ)
New to BUCK and the SSC is DJ Usagi Drop, bringing a blend of Jpop, Kpop, and all your nerd-music needs! Up-beat and happy mixes to match the colours in the crowd, Usagi is bound to bring something different to the night!

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Come to BUCK 2016

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Where are we? Next door to this:

See the square building with the white walls, top right? Yup: that’s EventCity: the Magic Box.

We’re right next door to one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK. It has an amazing food court, 2 levels of shops and even a Sealife Centre and mini-Legoland for kids and Cadwaladers: an ice-cream café.

There’s also real snow Ski slopes at FactorE, as well as sky-diving practice, a golf driving range, an aerial extreme course, bowling, a cinema, laser-quest, crazy golf (which we have a session available with our VIPs),  and a JumpNation trampoline park just down the road. And we haven’t even mentioned the whole of Manchester with buses every 20 minutes direct from the venue to the City Centre. You could make a whole week’s holiday out of this!

Check out our interactive map of stuff to do…

Featuring Out The Box TV: Live at BUCK

Summer Sun CelebrationSSC MUSIC-FEST





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Latest News

Vendors, Workshops and Events!


We know that you all love to get some unique gifts and goodies at BUCK. This year we have some outstanding vendors coming along with a wide range of products and wares that will be available in our Vendor Hall. From plushies to art prints, ceramics to figurines, accessories to embroidery and lots lots more! […]

BUCK Announces Peter New, Nicole Martel, Merch and More!

It’s two and a half months until BUCK 2016, and there’s so much still to do! So to kick things off, we’re thrilled to announce that the best member of the Apple family Peter New will be attending BUCK in April!

As well as Big Macintosh, Peter has a huge list of credits under his […]

BUCK Store now Open!

Check out our great new online BUCKstore! You can pre-order some amazing merchandise ready for collection at the convention.

If you’re overseas or simply can’t wait: why not order our special 5 badge set.
We’ll be posting those out before the con to anywhere in the world!

We have a wide range of products including badges, posters, t-shirts, challenge coins and […]

Community Workshop Applications OPEN

Hey you! Have you got an idea for an event at BUCK 2016?
We’re looking for people who do arts, crafts, media, music, or other socially creative stuff and want to share their skills, methods, and work with the community.

At BUCK we hate Q&A panels, while a few questions and answers from the audience are great, most of the general questions […]

100 Days to BUCK 2016

Can you believe it? Only 100 days to go before BUCK 2016!
We’re somewhere between nervous and excited! How about you?


Merry Christmas from BUCK!

Tis the season to be jolly, tralalalala lalalala. The stuff we’ve planned: we’re off our trolley! Yes, we’re here to expend our annual quota of mandatory merriment!Since it’s also the season for giving, now is the time to give the gift of BUCK ‘16. A ticket to best horse con makes a spectacular present as the anticipation only gets […]

BUCK 2016 Charity Auction Nominations

It’s that time again!

BUCK is looking for a charity to support this year in our charity auction – and we want YOU GUYS to help us choose one.

Previously supported charities:
2012: National Autistic Society
2013: Cardiac Risk in the Young
2014: JDRF (Type 1 Diabetes Research and Support)

We’ll be taking your suggestions over the next week or two, then we’ll trim the list […]

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