It’s already been a week since BUCK 2016 took place and yet it feels like last night we were jumping in the crowd of the SSC for all our heart’s worth…
But time keeps marching on, so it’s about time for us to start talking again – and we’re starting off with a warm thanks to everyone who made BUCK possible. You guys, the attendees, although our numbers were lower this time around you still gave it your all and we love you for it.
All of our staff, who sacrificed months of not only free time but work hours as well to make sure everything would be ready on the day – it wouldn’t be possible without you.
The vendors, who were preparing their goods right up until the night before the convention, brought the vendor hall to life.
And finally, all of our guests running workshops; the Pinkie Pie Pals; the musicians and artists; our special guests Peter New, Nicole Martel and Shawn Wasabi: you all did us proud and it was a pleasure having you!

The convention ran smoothly and with no major upsets– It was our intention to go out with a bang, and that’s exactly what we did. Over the past week our inboxes have just filled with praise and thanks, which means so much to us after the long months of planning.
You all saw our complement of video cameras set up on stage, in some of the workshops, and roaming around the convention floor – we’ll have loads of videos of everything you saw up over the next month or so, so hit up our YouTube channel and bash that Subscribe button to catch all the highlights. You can also keep an eye on our Twitter to get notified when a new video goes up.

So what happens next? We know you guys have all the questions ever– Is this really the last BUCK? Why are you really ending? Will you ever come back? Is there life after love?
Answers are coming, but it takes a while to properly formulate the answers to those questions, and we’re still tying up loose ends for this year.
We will be making a more in depth post on the reasons for BUCK finishing its convention series, explaining the difficulties in running it and what kind of alternatives there are, but that needs to wait until after we’ve counted our remaining chickens.
What I can tell you is that our social channels won’t be going anywhere – the facebook page and the facebook group will stay and be the BUCK Community, where we can carry on sharing and liking awesome fandom content from ponies or any other related things we like.
BUCK Events will hopefully continue to run ‘Things’ – we know for certain that we won’t be doing another Big Pony Con, but we do want to pick up projects like BUCK LDN, which was a huge success last year.
We’ll give you more details as we develop them!

So that’s all for now, big thanks to everyone, stay tuned for additional break-down posts about our events, and we’ll see you in the future!

BUCK Towers, out!