Over the past four years BUCK Events has supported a variety of charities, raising over £23,000 in total so far!
This year we were contacted by Get-Well Gamers, a non-profit organisation that takes donated video games and consoles to hospitals across the United Kingdom. Video games are an effective and proven pain management tool and provide much-needed entertainment for young people during long hospital stays. They are currently linked up with over 45 hospitals across the UK!

GWG will be attending BUCK to bring some of their consoles to our video games room for the attendees to enjoy, and we’ll be raising funds through our charity auction and other related donations to support them.

If you’ve got any old consoles or games you want to donate directly, you can get in touch through their website, or donate them in person at BUCK.
Or if you have some rare, unusual, or just plain cool merchandise or memorabilia you want to add to the charity auction, bring it to the front desk on the day, and the proceeds will also help out!

Each year we’ve broken our previous record, so let’s see if we can keep that drive going for 2016 this April!

To learn more about Get-Well Gamers, check out their website for more information, and if you haven’t already secured your ticket to BUCK 2016, head on over to our tickets page and be sure to attend the charity auction yourself!

It’s only a few weeks to go now!

BUCK Towers, out!