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BUCK does great events. Our Summer Sun Celebration was a fantastic multi-genre indoor music and fun festival with live bands, DJs and computer gaming fun; Our BUCK Convention was a popular geek and fantasy inspired event that brings together a multitude of panels, vendors, games, workshops and silliness like the infamous Cupcake Decorating, the unfathomable ‘Game the Princesses Play’ and our karaoke. Thanks for coming along and making it such a huge success! BUCK has been running events since 2012 and we’ve got some stuff going on that you’ll want to get involved with! Not to mention we’re working on more ideas for more events…

We also like to involve ourselves in other things, and have recently taken part in recording The Lamb of God, a musical concert, on behalf of the BSSCO. Over 140 musicians and singers joined the BSSCO in their largest production yet, performing to over 1400 people at the Birmingham Town Hall. We also teamed up with UKoE to create a Pub Meet with a Difference. Games, live-streaming, the Pub Quiz, vendors and the usual karaoke came together in our new BUCK LDN package in the heart of the capital city.

Lamb of God

BUCK 2016

1604, 2016

BUCK 2016 Wrap Up

April 16th, 2016|0 Comments

It’s already been a week since BUCK 2016 took place and yet it feels like last night we were jumping in the crowd of the SSC for all our heart’s worth… But time keeps marching [...]

1503, 2016

BUCK teams up with Get-Well Gamers as this year’s Charity!

March 15th, 2016|0 Comments

Over the past four years BUCK Events has supported a variety of charities, raising over £23,000 in total so far! This year we were contacted by Get-Well Gamers, a non-profit organisation that takes donated video [...]

703, 2016

BUCK Announces OMNI as final addition for SSC 2016

March 7th, 2016|0 Comments

One of the earliest and biggest producers in the fandom, OMNI began his career in 2011 riding the crest of the dubstep wave as it built, progressing each year into different flavours and styles of [...]

2002, 2016

Shawn Wasabi performing at the SSC this April!

February 20th, 2016|0 Comments

At BUCK we’re always seeking something new and unique to showcase, and this year we’re lining up a range of new acts, as well as our favourites. Today we’re thrilled to announce our most exciting [...]

1702, 2016

Take Part in the Final BUCK!

February 17th, 2016|0 Comments

Yes, it's true, this will be the last BUCK con. But don't despair - we're going out with one heck of a bang! With less than two months to go until the big event, our [...]

902, 2016

The End of a Chapter

February 9th, 2016|0 Comments

Hey everyone, this is an open letter to deliver some news we’ve been mulling over for some time now. It’s with a heavy heart that BUCK Events has declared that BUCK 2016 will be the [...]

At each event we choose a charity to support, and run some type of event to raise money for them. The last three years we have held a charity auction where members of the community have donated their creative works, toys and other items to be sold for a worthy cause. We’re very proud of the amounts generously donated each year by our community members:

National Autism Society 2012 Charity Auction
Cardiac Risk in the Young 2013 Charity Auction
Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund 2014 Charity Auction
Get Well Gamers UK 2016 Charity Auction
10/10, it was alright. Nah, but seriously, I’ve been to a few cons in my time (BUCK 2014 being my sixth one) and let me just say that this was definitely the best one.
Everything went smoothly, nothing really went wrong and my body is destroyed, which usually indicates a really good time. I would happily do it again next weekend if it was happening then. It was also great seeing friends. It’s just all overwhelming in the best possible way.

It was awesome, the panels were hilarious and insightful and fun to go through, the “Who’s show is it anyway?” segment thing was brilliant, I laughed all throughout! There was an amazing atmosphere all through out the con, especially at the end ceremony where there were these bubbles drifting down, and it felt mystical. The Game Princesses play was fantastic, a little hard at first, but once you got the hang of it, really fun. It was definitely worth the money, I wish I got the bigger tickets in retrospect, but you know, maybe next time!
PJ Blackham
It was my first BUCKcon and I had lots of fun ^_^ Overall, I’d rate it 8/10. It was awesome!!! /)^3^(\ I thought the venue was really good and everything was pretty well organised, and there was plenty to see/do/buy but it wasn’t as enormous and overcrowded as some other cons, so it was easy to get around, and for me there was a nice balance and I didn’t get too stressed out.
It was, and as much as I regret using this word in context of the con… fun. That’s really the best word for it, it was a really fun time. It was great seeing friends, it was also great getting to play the CCG again. Everything was nice and spacious as well, which was a refreshing change from most conventions. All the events were great, all the panels I attended ran pretty smoothly, of the workshops I could get into they were both loads of fun, and of course, the SSC was awesomeness non-stop.
Redback Sigil
It was a very surreal experience, but utterly brilliant fun. I’ve only been to one con before, and this was utterly brilliant. I talked with people I’d come across before and plenty of new folk, picked up some great merch, did a bit of singing and really enjoyed the panels. The Fluttershy club was also a brilliant idea that made everything a little bit smoother.
To be perfectly honest with you all, it costed me a lot of sacrifices to attend the con,
starting off selling my 3d tv, simply to be able to afford it. Was it worth it? Totally. Don’t regret anything. The incredible atmosphere, amazing people, all of the new friends I met, and the amount of inspiration from it all, to contribute even more to the community… THAT WAS AWESOME!