VIP Guests

ingram-headshot-bigDaniel Ingram

The award-winning composer of Friendship is Magic’s amazing soundtrack joins us next spring!

Sharing both his talents and his insights, Daniel will be here to serenade us with our favourite tracks, as well as talk about music production on My Little Pony.

Where and When

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Sat 9th – Sun 10th April 2016

From 10:00am until late

EventCity – Manchester, England

Phoenix Way, Manchester, M17 8AS

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BUCK is Back! [Video]

Maybe you haven’t heard yet? Perhaps you’ve been in hibernation for too long, or you were busy perfecting the perfect banana muffin recipe, or you spent too long in a best pony debate and forgot what year it was… but whatever the case may be, BUCK IS BACK and tickets are on sale!

Enjoy this hype video and the go reserve your spot in the 2016 attendance next April!